Your step-by-step transition to a data and AI-driven

Glass Factory

HappyOps supports glass makers to evolve into digital factories, improving Pack-to-Melt and worker productivity, reducing setup times, error rates, and scrap.


The challenges of glass production

Being among the most mechanized production lines in the world, glass factories deal with a lot of obstacles in their operations.


Intricate setup

In glass production, no setup process is the same. Workers need to make numerous adjustments when switching to new products – this lack of uniformity due to reliance on analog techniques increases costs and risks.



Lack of efficiency can lead to the waste of resources and time as well as scrap and high energy consumption. This not only results in increased costs but also in failed opportunities for promoting sustainability.


Heterogeneous system
and equipment

Collecting data can be challenging, especially in environments with diverse glass manufacturing software systems and equipment. Nonetheless, gathering structured data over extended periods is the key to optimizing any glass factory.


High dependency on
experienced workers

In the highly specialized glass manufacturing industry, the ability to depend on historical data and systematically enhance SOPs has gained immense importance, especially in the context of a growing skill-shortage.

Your journey to a digital glass factory

HappyOps guides you on your way to flexible and more efficient digital manufacturing operations, step by step.


Connectors to IT/OT

We proudly support a diverse range of OT connectors, including Bucher Emhart, Futronic, Tiama, Symplex, and more. Additionally, our IT connectors seamlessly integrate with platforms like SAP, Microsoft, IQ Scan, Vertech, and beyond.

Hot End Dashboard

A live dashboard mounted in the Hot End area displays relevant data points from various parts of the line. It also showcases calculated KPIs, some of which are enhanced by AI, such as Efficiency, Pack-to-Melt, Pack-to-Cut, and more.

Cold End Dashboard

Positioned in the Cold End area, this dashboard showcases pertinent data points from different line segments, along with AI-enhanced and calculated KPIs such as efficiency, Pack-to-Melt, Pack-to-Cut, and more.

Management Dashboard

This live dashboard, positioned in the control room and management offices, offers two distinct views:
1. A comprehensive overview of furnace performance and status data spanning all sections of the line.
2. A detailed line overview including line-specific KPIs such as efficiency, current order, Pack-to-Melt, and more.

Mobile Setup Assistance

A mobile app designed for machine operators displays current live information on machine parameters, order data, and more. Additionally, it provides the functionality to compare live data with historical data, highlighting the delta to minimize mistakes during the setup process.

AI-driven Data Mining, Prediction, and Control Loops

Based on collected data (live and historical), we train our algorithms and create powerful AI-driven applications such as "smart order clustering," "efficiency prediction," "swabbing analysis," and many more.

Christian Fröba


"The HappyOps solution increases the efficiency of our production lines and enables fast reactions in the process based on live data end-to-end!"

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