Your step-by-step transition to a data and AI-driven

Component Assembly

HappyOps supports component manufacturers with manual or semi-automatic assembly line processes to evolve into a digital factory, streamlining the interplay between workers, materials, and tools to improve overall efficiency.


The challenges of component assembly

Manual assembly and semi-automatic takt assembly is a finely tuned and fragile process. As soon as one of the variables doesn't cooperate, the whole operation is put on hold.


Unclear cost-effectiveness

The lack of real-time information about the various factors in the assembly process makes it hard to understand what products, orders, and customers are the most or least profitable to you as a manufacturer.


High dependency on
experienced workers

Due to the intricate nature of the processes, component assembly factories are highly dependent on experienced workers. They must invest in extensive training programs for new talent and ensure their workplaces become more attractive to prospective candidates.


Missing transparency

The lack of clear insights about interruption reasons and productivity loss makes it cumbersome to identify and address underlying challenges effectively. This directly impacts the OEE.


Lack of flexibility

In a world where customer requirements constantly change, you must adapt quickly. With rigid processes carried out in an analog manner this becomes very challenging.

Your journey to a digital component assembly

HappyOps guides you on your way to agile and more efficient assembly line processes, step by step.


Digital Assembly Workstation

This step provides Live Order Management & Tracking directly at the workstation, ensuring maximum transparency and control. Users can oversee cycle times, access order information, follow work instructions, and track interruptions. Additionally, they can request forklift trucks or AGVs for material commissioning or pickup.

Line Performance Dashboard

Positioned in the line area, this dashboard presents crucial performance indicators, including current status, cycle times, interruption notifications, and a comparison of target metrics versus actual results.

Data Reporting and AI- Driven Analytics

The system offers customized reports spanning metrics such as shift performance, OEE, and interruptions. These reports provide time-based evaluations featuring in-depth drill-down functionalities, all augmented by AI-driven data mining.

Digital Order Tracking with Email Notification

Access a digital overview of all active orders, tracking their progress against target dates and noting any faults, interruptions, or quality issues. For specific events, the system can send email notifications to the relevant personnel.

Andreas Frank

COO Siteco GmbH

"The HappyOps solution provides us with the transparency of our work systems and processes, from which we can very easily derive measures to increase productivity. Improvements can be immediately checked for effectiveness through HappyOps."

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