The HappyOps Factory Runtime – impactful software modules customized to your needs, supported by AI

Our modular software design enables tailored solutions that increase your efficiency, improve your workplace, and make your factory more sustainable and energy-efficient.

The HappyOps Factory Runtime

Utilizing AI-driven data mining to improve your operations

For efficient production processes, data is crucial. The more you know, the better you’re able to react.

But in processes like component assembly, glass manufacturing, and metal manufacturing, time is of the essence. The faster you know, the faster you can react – and the more you can improve the output.

The HappyOps Factory Runtime is a set of modular software components that enable you to collect, orchestrate, visualize and analyze data very fast.

  • Collect
  • Process
  • Visualize
  • Mine

Data Collection

Data collection modules gather data produced by your factory's OT and IT systems as well as data manually entered by workers.

Each module is designed to seamlessly integrate into your various systems, such as your ERP, your MES, your CAQ and your machines. We identify the required data points at the beginning of the project. Once the modules are implemented, live data is collected and send to our processing and warehousing module.

Data Processing and Warehousing

After collecting data we utilize AI to structure and clean data (pre-processing) and to warehouse it.

Utilizing AI, we structure and cleanse data post-collection, prepping it for analysis. Then, we warehouse it, ensuring organized storage for easy access and insightful decision-making. This process enhances data utility for strategic operations.

Visualization and Reporting

Data visualization and reporting modules are designed to visualize and analyze data points.

They can calculate specific KPIs and apply advanced analytics to data collected over a period of time. Each module is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with data collection, processing and warehousing modules.

AI-driven Data Mining

The HappyOps Factory Runtime transforms collected data into anomaly detection, correlation analysis and AI-based prediction.

The true power of the HappyOps DNA emerges once these steps are completed. AI is applied to the data, unlocking even greater value: Analyzing both real-time and historical datasets reveals anomalies and correlations, detects patterns and enables predictions. This approach enhances existing operations and shapes future strategies.

We guide you on your factory digitization journey – at low risk and full transparency

HappyOps draws from over 8 years of experience and deep domain knowledge. We aim for enduring partnerships with our clients, and we’re dedicated to strengthening the European manufacturing community by supporting them in adopting digital operations.

Value Walk & Use Case Discovery

Value Walk & Use Case Discovery

We want to find the perfect solution for you.

That’s why we take the time to deeply understand your current processes, pain points, and goals.

It’s important to us to learn everything about your operations in order to find the biggest levers for optimizations.

Software & AI Engineering

Software & AI Engineering

After understanding you and your processes, we build a solution.

We utilize our standard HappyOps Factory Runtime and add bespoke software modules.

These solution modules are designed to integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing execution system and align with your specific factory workflows.

Vertical & Horizontal Scalability

Vertical & Horizontal Scalability

Our cutting edge technology stack enables us to start small and scale up as soon as the value is proven.

While the goal of digitizing shop floor processes should always be to increase operational efficiency, the journey to get there is usually diluted into a number of individual smaller steps. Our expertise in software and AI can help reduce the entry barrier into digital operations.

Full Transparency & Low Risk

100% Transparency for Maximized Risk Mitigation

It’s not only about how much money a digital solution costs. It’s also about how it’s implemented and how long-lasting it is.

With HappyOps, there are no surprises.

We establish a bi-weekly update call and report on progress and cost consumption. We’re 100 % transparent, every step of the way.

Is your factory ready for an upgrade?

Our experts are here for you.

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