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Factory Efficiency Productivity Output Energy Consumption Carbon Footprint Workplace Attractiveness

with AI

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Boost your production

HappyOps makes it easier for your factory to adopt digital operations and integrate AI in manufacturing. This will help you reduce machine downtime and setup time and raise quality and efficiency. All HappyOps solutions for factory digitalization offer a clear value proposition and a return on investment.


Reduce waste

The HappyOps Solution reduces waste through a better coordination with Quality Management and by allowing real-time adjustments based on data to minimize scrap.


Save energy

HappyOps gives you the tools to be more sustainable. By optimizing the efficiency of your manufacturing operations and assembly lines, you reduce excessive energy consumption and improve your carbon footprint.


Make your workplace more attractive

HappyOps creates environments in which people want to work: digitally assisted workplaces are more attractive to prospects and increase job satisfaction and happiness in employees.


We support your factory’s digital transformation through production know-how, modular software, and AI expertise


Digital Glass Manufacturing

Decrease setup times and scrap, improve Pack-to-Melt, efficiency and carbon footprint, and create more sustainable operations.


Digital Metal Manufacturing

Improve OEE and carbon footprint, reduce worker errors, and adjust faster to changing customer requirements.


Digital Component Assembly

Reduce worker errors and unplanned interruptions and increase transparency for better traceability and higher line output.

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